Student Projects

  • Bob Campos
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    Bob Campos
    Businessmen Bob Campos was born in South Omaha to Mexican immigrant parents. He built a successful construction company. He has never forgotten where he came from and gives back generously with his time and resources.
  • Black Elk
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    Black Elk
    This project explores the life and legacy of Black Elk, a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe.
  • Omaha Tribe
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    Omaha Tribe
    Learn more about the tribe after which our city is named: the Omaha
  • Senator Edward Danner
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    Senator Edward Danner
    Edward Danner spent his career as a Nebraska State senator advocating for his Community.
  • Pastor Robert Navarro
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    Pastor Robert Navarro
    Pastor Navarro helped found the Chicano Awareness Center (known today as the Latino Center of the Midlands) and the Indian-Chicano Health Center (known today as One World).
  • Marlin Briscoe
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    Marlin Briscoe
    South High graduate Marlin Briscoe leaves an impressive legacy in college football and the NFL.
  • Drill and Step
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    Drill and Step
    Drill and step in Omaha continues to be part of community celebrations such as Native Omaha Days and the Juneteenth parade.
  • Jazz
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    Omaha had a bright and vibrant jazz scene, filled with great players and venues.
  • Gospel Music
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    Gospel Music
    Gospel music has long been an essential force in Omaha's African American church community.
  • Hip Hop
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    Hip Hop
    Learn about the economic and cultural forces that brought hip hop to Omaha.