Student Projects

  • Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
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    Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
    Learn more about the first Native American female doctor and her work with the Omaha people
  • Rose Blumkin
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    Rose Blumkin
    Ms. Blumkin, a Russian Jewish immigrant, created Nebraska Furniture Mart and grew it into one of the largest furniture stores in the country!
  • Religion
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    Throughout its history South Omaha has been made up of a quilt of Catholic parishes corresponding to...
  • G.I. Forum
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    G.I. Forum
    Welcome to the American G.I. Forum web page! We are excited to show you the conflict of Mexican Americans being discriminated against...
  • Railroad
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    Railroads are important to Omahas history. Railroads have brought many immigrant groups to South Omaha...
  • Military Service:  Civil War
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    Military Service: Civil War
    During the years of the Civil War thousands of African Americans played a crucial role in defending our freedoms.
  • Early Settlers
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    Early Settlers
    In our research, we learned about how African-American settlers came to Nebraska. Even though African Americans have lived in parts...
  • Dorothy Patach
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    Dorothy Patach
    Dorothy Patach
    Ms. Patach, the daughter of Czech immigrants, is a nurse, teacher, South Omaha advocate and environmentalist.
  • Businesses
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    Have you ever walked down 24th Street and wondered about the history behind it? During the 1930s, N. 24th Street ...
  • Pastor Robert Navarro
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    Pastor Robert Navarro
    Pastor Navarro helped found the Chicano Awareness Center (known today as the Latino Center of the Midlands) and the Indian-Chicano Health Center (known today as One World).