Student Projects

  • Early Civil Rights
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    Early Civil Rights
    Native Americans had many struggles in their fight for human rights. This site focuses on their early struggle for justice.
  • Modern Civil Rights
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    Modern Civil Rights
    Activism is the actions taken to create social change. We examined the events at specific places and began to understand the importance...
  • Indian Congress
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    Indian Congress
    In 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. Within the exposition was the Indian Congress. Here, visitors saw...
  • Education
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    Through the years, Native American education has evolved. At present, it takes traditions of the past and intertwines them with hopes for the future.
  • Arts and Culture
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    Arts and Culture
    Traditions, arts, and culture play large roles in the daily lives of Native Americans. Despite suffering cultural suppression, ...
  • Military
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    Hollis Stabler received numerous awards: four bronze stars, one silver and the purple heart. He also got the Omaha name Na-shin-tia...
  • Ponca Restoration
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    Ponca Restoration
    The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska existed for many generations, but in the early 1960s their tribal affiliation was terminated by the government.
  • Early Contact
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    Early Contact
    This project explores points of Native American and European points of contact in the early 1800s including Fort Atkinson...
  • Sports
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    What is a way to bring communities together? A way to take your mind of your problems? It is not music, it is not technology...
  • Religion
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    Throughout its history South Omaha has been made up of a quilt of Catholic parishes corresponding to...