Student Projects

  • Chicano Movement
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    Chicano Movement
    The Mexican American (Chicano) Movement was the last social movement. It occurred in 1968. A new generation of young people ...
  • Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson
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    Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson
    Ms. Eure and Ms. Johnson fought for civil rights for African Americans and worked to integrate the Omaha Public Schools and bring African American teachers to the District.
  • Military Service:  Vietnam
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    Military Service: Vietnam
    America began taking direct military action in Vietnam in 1964 and ended the draft and signed peace accords in 1973.
  • Nisei Plaza
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    Nisei Plaza
    In WWII, Japanese American students education was interrupted when they were place in Japanese Internment Camps. UNL was one of only a few schools in the country who allowed these students to attend.
  • Arts and Music
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    Arts and Music
    South Omaha has traditionally been infused with the vibrancy of new immigration waves. Music and Art have always played an important role...
  • Local Business
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    Local Business
    South Omahas business district is a vibrant community. Various immigrants have called the neighborhood home and shaped this community.
  • Religion
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    Throughout its history South Omaha has been made up of a quilt of Catholic parishes corresponding to...
  • Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
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    Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
    Learn more about the first Native American female doctor and her work with the Omaha people
  • Sports
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    What is a way to bring communities together? A way to take your mind of your problems? It is not music, it is not technology...
  • Sudanese Immigrants
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    Sudanese Immigrants
    Violent Civil War has been a reality for many South Sudanese citizens for decades. In the mid 1980's the conflict started to turn...