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  • St. Mary St. Mary Neighborhoods, South Omaha
    The stories of South Omaha’s neighborhoods are inextricably linked to the rise and fall of the stockyards and packing plants that developed in the area.
  • Jefferson Square Jefferson Square Neighborhoods
    The Jefferson Square Neighborhood is bounded by I-480 on the south side, Burt St. on the north, 15th street on the east, and highway 75 on the west. Jefferson Square was founded in the 1860s not long after the founding of Omaha itself in 1854.
  • Smithfield Smithfield Neighborhoods
    The Smithfield neighborhood, located at North 24th Street and Ames Avenue, has a rich history and deep ties to Omaha’s African American population.
  • Central Park Central Park Neighborhoods
    This area, which was considered an early suburb, was settled in the 1870s and originally named West Saratoga. It was comprised of a schoolhouse, a mercantile store, and several houses occupied by white working-class families.
  • Hartman Addition Hartman Addition Neighborhoods
    The neighborhood of Hartman Addition or 16th and William is a close neighbor to the famous Little Bohemia neighborhood on South 13th Street.
  • Long School Long School Neighborhoods
    The Long School neighborhood was established in 1868 and is bounded by Lake Street on the north, Hamilton Street on the south, North 24th Street on the east, and North 30th Street on the west. The neighborhood is named after Eben Knapp Long of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Omaha Public School board because of his involvement with city operations.