Student Projects

Please select from the category links found below Historical Landmarks, Indigenous Nebraskans, Music, Neighborhoods, North or South Omaha.

  • Drill and Step Drill and Step Music, North Omaha
    Drill and step in Omaha continues to be part of community celebrations such as Native Omaha Days and the Juneteenth parade.
  • Gospel Music Gospel Music Music, North Omaha
    Gospel music has long been an essential force in Omaha's African American church community.
  • Hip Hop Hip Hop Music, North Omaha
    Learn about the economic and cultural forces that brought hip hop to Omaha.
  • Jazz Jazz Music, North Omaha
    Omaha had a bright and vibrant jazz scene, filled with great players and venues.
  • Funk Music Funk Music Music
    Nothing But the Funk examines the development of and culture associated with funk music in Omaha.
  • Mexican American Music Mexican American Music Music
    Omaha’s Mexican-American community dates back more than a century. Initially fairly small in number, in recent decades, Latinos have been one of the fastest growing segments of the city’s population. Like other groups, as Mexican-Americans settled in Omaha...
  • Polka Music Polka Music Music
    The history of polka music and dance reaches far beyond Omaha, including cities like New York, Cincinnati, and New Orleans.
  • Refugee Music Refugee Music Music
    In recent decades, while Latinos have been the fastest-growing segment of the immigrant population, people from Southeast Asia and Vietnam, the former Soviet Union, Bosnia, the Middle East and Africa have also settled in our communities, dramatically changing the complexion of Nebraska.
  • Women in Rock Women in Rock Music
    Indie Rock opened doors for local women to express themselves. Rather than being a genre, it’s a culture; indie rock isn’t limited to a certain sound.