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  • Church History Church History North Omaha
    The church has been very important to the African-American community. In North Omaha, the church has been a source of ...
  • Civil Rights Civil Rights North Omaha
    North Omaha has a long, complex history of Civil Rights that remains largely unnoticed. Not only is it the birthplace of an important political...
  • Education in Omaha Education in Omaha North Omaha
    African Americans have faced numerous obstacles over the years including several within the field of education. From segregation...
  • Free Time Free Time North Omaha
    Despite segregation and racism, African Americans in Omaha created a vibrant local culture and found ways to have fun.
  • Music Music North Omaha
    Jazz played an important part in the history of North Omaha. Preston Love once said, "If New York, Chicago...
  • Great Migration Great Migration North Omaha
    In the early 1900s, African-Americans sought a better life in the North. Jim Crow Laws in the South reinforced segregation and discrimination.
  • Work Work North Omaha
    This page explores the history of African American work and business in Omaha. The topic has been broken into three main sections...
  • World War II World War II North Omaha
    During World War II, the Hastings Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD), located 150 miles west ...
  • Military Service Civil War Military Service Civil War North Omaha
    During the years of the Civil War thousands of African Americans played a crucial role in defending our freedoms.
  • Military Service Vietnam Military Service Vietnam North Omaha
    America began taking direct military action in Vietnam in 1964 and ended the draft and signed peace accords in 1973.
  • Sports Sports North Omaha
    Sports are a large part of the community for fans and non fans alike. Sports give youth a sense of hope.
  • Businesses Businesses North Omaha
    Have you ever walked down 24th Street and wondered about the history behind it? During the 1930s, N. 24th Street ...
  • Civil Rights: Tactics & Strategy for Change Civil Rights: Tactics & Strategy for Change North Omaha
    Segregation, discrimination, and unfair, these are the words that were commonly used by the North Omaha black community in the 1950s...
  • Community Cohesion: Native American Days Community Cohesion: Native American Days North Omaha
    Native Omaha Days is important to North Omaha because it brings back memories. It's where the black community comes together...
  • Pioneering Politicians Pioneering Politicians North Omaha
    In order to improve their community, several African-Americans in Nebraska have decided to get involved in politics.
  • Press and Newspapers Press and Newspapers North Omaha
    Throughout our history, African-Americans have struggled to be treated fairly and to be free. Segregation and discrimination followed...
  • Dramatic Arts Dramatic Arts North Omaha
    Minstrel shows were a variety of acts performed to stereotypically down grade the African American culture.
  • Modern Music Modern Music North Omaha
    Music has had a significant impact on people throughout history and provides a soundtrack for their experiences.
  • Fire Fighters Fire Fighters North Omaha
    Omaha has a long and proud tradition of black firefighters breaking barriers. In 1895, the first black firefighters were hired.
  • Police Police North Omaha
    Sirens, arrests, crime, violence, all lead to one place. These are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of the police.
  • Sudanese Immigrants Sudanese Immigrants North Omaha
    Violent Civil War has been a reality for many South Sudanese citizens for decades. In the mid 1980's the conflict started to turn...
  • Tuskagee Airmen Tuskagee Airmen North Omaha
    The Tuskegee Airmen were heroes in World War II. They were African American fighter pilots of the 332nd fighter group. 450 Tuskegee Airmen...
  • Visual Arts Visual Arts North Omaha
    Visual art is an important avenue for self-expression and always has a story behind it. African American visual arts...
  • Arts and Music Arts and Music South Omaha
    South Omaha has traditionally been infused with the vibrancy of new immigration waves. Music and Art have always played an important role...
  • Chicano Movement Chicano Movement South Omaha
    The Mexican American (Chicano) Movement was the last social movement. It occurred in 1968. A new generation of young people ...
  • Employment Employment South Omaha
    In 1955 Omaha livestock market became the largest in the world. It surpassed Chicago as the busiest stockyard.
  • Local Business Local Business South Omaha
    South Omahas business district is a vibrant community. Various immigrants have called the neighborhood home and shaped this community.
  • G.I. Forum G.I. Forum South Omaha
    Welcome to the American G.I. Forum web page! We are excited to show you the conflict of Mexican Americans being discriminated against...
  • Railroad Railroad South Omaha
    Railroads are important to Omahas history. Railroads have brought many immigrant groups to South Omaha...
  • Religion Religion South Omaha
    Throughout its history South Omaha has been made up of a quilt of Catholic parishes corresponding to...
  • Sports Sports South Omaha
    What is a way to bring communities together? A way to take your mind of your problems? It is not music, it is not technology...
  • Early Contact Early Contact Indigenous Nebraskans
    This project explores points of Native American and European points of contact in the early 1800s including Fort Atkinson...
  • Ponca Restoration Ponca Restoration Indigenous Nebraskans
    The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska existed for many generations, but in the early 1960s their tribal affiliation was terminated by the government.
  • Military Native Americans Military Native Americans Indigenous Nebraskans
    Hollis Stabler received numerous awards: four bronze stars, one silver and the purple heart. He also got the Omaha name Na-shin-tia...
  • Arts and Culture Arts and Culture Indigenous Nebraskans
    Traditions, arts, and culture play large roles in the daily lives of Native Americans. Despite suffering cultural suppression, ...
  • Education Education Indigenous Nebraskans
    Through the years, Native American education has evolved. At present, it takes traditions of the past and intertwines them with hopes for the future.
  • Indian Congress Indian Congress Indigenous Nebraskans
    In 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. Within the exposition was the Indian Congress. Here, visitors saw...
  • Modern Civil Rights Modern Civil Rights Indigenous Nebraskans
    Activism is the actions taken to create social change. We examined the events at specific places and began to understand the importance...
  • Early Civil Rights Early Civil Rights Indigenous Nebraskans
    Native Americans had many struggles in their fight for human rights. This site focuses on their early struggle for justice.
  • Nisei Plaza Nisei Plaza Historical Landmarks
    In WWII, Japanese American students education was interrupted when they were place in Japanese Internment Camps. UNL was one of only a few schools in the country who allowed these students to attend.
  • Rose Blumkin Rose Blumkin Historical Landmarks
    Ms. Blumkin, a Russian Jewish immigrant, created Nebraska Furniture Mart and grew it into one of the largest furniture stores in the country!
  • Miguel Hernandez-Keith Park Miguel Hernandez-Keith Park Historical Landmarks
    Miguel Keith is one of Omaha's paramount war heroes and one of three Omahans who has received the highest possible military award, the Medal of Honor.
  • Dr. James Ramirez Dr. James Ramirez Historical Landmarks
    Dr. James Hernandez
    Few people have done more than Dr. James Hernandez for OPS students and teachers and Mexican American students and teachers, in particular.
  • Dr. LaFlesche Picotte Dr. LaFlesche Picotte Historical Landmarks
    Learn more about the first Native American female doctor and her work with the Omaha people
  • Charles B. Washington Branch Charles B. Washington Branch Historical Landmarks
    Mr. Washington was known as the "Godfather of North Omaha" because of his dedication to and advocacy for his neigborhood.
  • Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson Historical Landmarks
    Ms. Eure and Ms. Johnson fought for civil rights for African Americans and worked to integrate the Omaha Public Schools and bring African American teachers to the District.
  • Dorothy Patach Dorothy Patach Historical Landmarks
    Dorothy Patach
    Ms. Patach, the daughter of Czech immigrants, is a nurse, teacher, South Omaha advocate and environmentalist.
  • Edward Zorinsky Edward Zorinsky Historical Landmarks
    Mr. Zorinsky, the child of Russian immigrants, was the first Jewish person elected to statewide office in Nebraska.
  • Judge Elizabeth Pittman Judge Elizabeth Pittman Historical Landmarks
    Justice Pittman held many "firsts" including being Omaha's first African American judge
  • Bob Campos Bob Campos Historical Landmarks
    Businessmen Bob Campos was born in South Omaha to Mexican immigrant parents. He built a successful construction company. He has never forgotten where he came from and gives back generously with his time and resources.
  • Omaha Tribe Omaha Tribe Historical Landmarks
    Learn more about the tribe after which our city is named: the Omaha
  • Black Elk Black Elk Historical Landmarks
    This project explores the life and legacy of Black Elk, a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe.
  • Pastor Robert Navarro Pastor Robert Navarro Historical Landmarks
    Pastor Navarro helped found the Chicano Awareness Center (known today as the Latino Center of the Midlands) and the Indian-Chicano Health Center (known today as One World).
  • Marlin Briscoe Marlin Briscoe Historical Landmarks
    South High graduate Marlin Briscoe leaves an impressive legacy in college football and the NFL.
  • Senator Edward Danner Senator Edward Danner Historical Landmarks
    Edward Danner spent his career as a Nebraska State senator advocating for his Community.
  • Drill and Step Drill and Step Music, North Omaha
    Drill and step in Omaha continues to be part of community celebrations such as Native Omaha Days and the Juneteenth parade.
  • Gospel Music Gospel Music Music, North Omaha
    Gospel music has long been an essential force in Omaha's African American church community.
  • Hip Hop Hip Hop Music, North Omaha
    Learn about the economic and cultural forces that brought hip hop to Omaha.
  • Jazz Jazz Music, North Omaha
    Omaha had a bright and vibrant jazz scene, filled with great players and venues.
  • Funk Music Funk Music Music
    Nothing But the Funk examines the development of and culture associated with funk music in Omaha.
  • Mexican American Music Mexican American Music Music
    Omaha’s Mexican-American community dates back more than a century. Initially fairly small in number, in recent decades, Latinos have been one of the fastest growing segments of the city’s population. Like other groups, as Mexican-Americans settled in Omaha...
  • Polka Music Polka Music Music
    The history of polka music and dance reaches far beyond Omaha, including cities like New York, Cincinnati, and New Orleans.
  • Refugee Music Refugee Music Music
    In recent decades, while Latinos have been the fastest-growing segment of the immigrant population, people from Southeast Asia and Vietnam, the former Soviet Union, Bosnia, the Middle East and Africa have also settled in our communities, dramatically changing the complexion of Nebraska.
  • Women in Rock Women in Rock Music
    Indie Rock opened doors for local women to express themselves. Rather than being a genre, it’s a culture; indie rock isn’t limited to a certain sound.
  • St. Mary St. Mary Neighborhoods, South Omaha
    The stories of South Omaha’s neighborhoods are inextricably linked to the rise and fall of the stockyards and packing plants that developed in the area.
  • Jefferson Square Jefferson Square Neighborhoods
    The Jefferson Square Neighborhood is bounded by I-480 on the south side, Burt St. on the north, 15th street on the east, and highway 75 on the west. Jefferson Square was founded in the 1860s not long after the founding of Omaha itself in 1854.
  • Smithfield Smithfield Neighborhoods
    The Smithfield neighborhood, located at North 24th Street and Ames Avenue, has a rich history and deep ties to Omaha’s African American population.
  • Central Park Central Park Neighborhoods
    This area, which was considered an early suburb, was settled in the 1870s and originally named West Saratoga. It was comprised of a schoolhouse, a mercantile store, and several houses occupied by white working-class families.
  • Hartman Addition Hartman Addition Neighborhoods
    The neighborhood of Hartman Addition or 16th and William is a close neighbor to the famous Little Bohemia neighborhood on South 13th Street.
  • Long School Long School Neighborhoods
    The Long School neighborhood was established in 1868 and is bounded by Lake Street on the north, Hamilton Street on the south, North 24th Street on the east, and North 30th Street on the west. The neighborhood is named after Eben Knapp Long of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Omaha Public School board because of his involvement with city operations.