Student Projects

  • Nisei Plaza
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    Nisei Plaza
    Imagine being forced from your home, having to sell most of your possessions, and moving to an internment camp.
  • Rose Blumkin
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    Rose Blumkin
    This project examines the prosperous life of Rose Blumkin, the Jewish American entrepreneur who founded Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  • Miguel Hernandez-Keith Park
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    Miguel Hernandez-Keith Park
    Miguel Hernandez-Keith Park on 30th and Y streets is dedicated to the memory of Omaha’s second Hispanic Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Dr. James Ramirez
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    Dr. James Ramirez
    This photo shows Dr. Ramirez when he earned his Masters Degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
  • Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
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    Dr. LaFlesche Picotte
    Learn more about the first Native American female doctor and her work with the Omaha people
  • Charles B. Washington Branch
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    Charles B. Washington Branch
    Charles B. Washington was one of the most influential men in Omaha’s history. He was a civil rights activist...
  • Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson
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    Dorothy Eure & Lerlean Johnson
    During the 1960s African Americans in Omaha experienced racial discrimination and segregation. Dorothy Eure and Lerlean Johnson fought...
  • Dorothy Patach
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    Dorothy Patach
    A community is created when a group of people coexist amongst one another. Although communities have their fair share...
  • Edward Zorinsky
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    Edward Zorinsky
    Edward Zorinsky was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants and served as the second Jewish mayor of Omaha.
  • Judge Elizabeth Pittman
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    Judge Elizabeth Pittman
    What does it take to be a pioneer? Elizabeth Pittman was a woman of firsts. Under a misty haze of segregation, prejudice, and sexism, ...